Molded Fiber Plates and Platters


Bridge-Gate Natural Brown Plates


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Chinet® Classic White™ Molded Fiber Tableware

Cut-resistant and sturdy performance. Microwavable.

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Serviceware® Molded Fiber Plate - 10"

Perfect for fried, baked or broiled foods. Extra strong, extra absorbent. Keeps the "crisp" in crispy fried foods.

GreenWave™ Bagasse Plates

Biodegradable. Compostable. Microwaveable. Non-toxic. 100% natural, no bleaching, renewable resource. Withstands oil 302°F. Withstands water 212°F. Certified Biodegradable by BPI and USCC.

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Southern Champion ChampWare™ Molded Fiber Plate - 7"

White, nested, packed in corrugated.