Steak Paper


Gordon Paper BlackTreat® Brand Market/Steak Papers

Enhances and preserves fresh cut red meats. Our proprietary chemistry is time proven to enhance and preserve the bloom of the meat. The sheet allows a controlled flow of oxygen which insures that meat reaches a perfect red color and stays there as long as possible. It also prevents "sliming" that can occur with airtight barriers. Our unique shade enhances the look of meat in the grocer's case. Repels water and blood, keeping cases clean and protecting customers other groceries as well as their vehicles. Has wet strength to strip cleanly from meat, saving time and labor in the meat department. 1000 sheets per carton.

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McNairn Steak Paper

Surface of both sides has a special wax emulsion and wet strength treatment. Used as a tray liner & an interleaving sheet between pieces of freshly cut meats & poultry for display in refrigerated display cases. Surface adapts to different meat characteristics.

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