Food Service Specialty Cleaners


Savin Sta-Brite Cleaner

An alkaline detergent with special organically held chlorine, resulting in stain-free china and plastic ware. Restores badly stained china without removing glaze. Safely and easily removes hard set coffee and tea stains. Only 5 to 6 oz per gallon of water makes an excellent soak that leaves surfaces clean and bright.

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Savin MetaSafe Machine Dish Detergent - 5 Gal. Pail

A low foaming detergent for use in high or low temperature equipment. Will remove baked on soils and greases without damaging soft metals. Safe for use on pots, pans and aluminum trays. Protects glazing on ceramics.

Manufacturers Item #LMS5

Professional Lysol® Brand No Rinse Sanitizer

Meets food code requirements as a no rinse sanitizer. Economical, concentrated formula makes up to 512 gallons (1:512). Perfect for 3-bin sink and clean-in-place applications. Can be used as a disinfectant at 1:128.

Manufacturers Item #74389