Paper Carryout / Containers


BioPak® Carry-Out Containers

You spend endless hours making sure your product is fresh. But how about the look of your package? Aluminum, foam, plastic and doggie bag packaging has been around forever. Make a change to Bio-Pak and enhance your customers' perception of your establishment. Available in black, white and kraft.

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Fold-Pak® BioPlus Earth® Food Containers

Bio-Plus Earth containers will enhance your customers' takeout experience. In addition to being made from 100% recycled paper, they are leak resistant and can hold any type of food whether it is hot, cold, wet, or dry. They retain heat and vent moisture so food is kept fresh. Leak resistant: holds foods, sauces and gravies. Microwavable. Heat lamp resistant. Retains heat and vents steam effectively. Poly-coated interior with clay-coated exterior. Cut resistant. One piece design requires no assembly - eliminates container and lid inventory issues. Flaps open wide to allow customers free access to the food. Made from 100% recycled paper using a minimum of 35% or more, post consumer recycled paper.

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Fold-Pak® Wire Handled Pails

Available in 8 oz. to 64 oz. sizes in white and Pagoda. Top-quality SBS paperboard, with a poly coating on the inside to ensure leak resistance & to keep your product fresh & ready to eat. Wire Handled.

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Solo® Symphony™ Double Poly Paper Food Containers

The perfect single-use solution to complement every meal.

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Solo® Symphony™ Single Poly Paper Food Containers

The perfect single-use solution to complement every meal.

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Sweetheart® S Series Container - 5 oz., Jazz®

VS600 Series, VS500 Series & S Series.

Southern Champion Automatic Patty Meat Box -10x5x5 3/8, 5 lb

One piece, Himes bottom, tuck top.

Manufacturers Item #2745

WestRock Take Out Box - 9" x 5" x 3", Tuck Top

Can be used as chicken boxes. Available in various sizes with tuck top, or fast top. Perfect for a variety of products. Printed with a matching design for simple branding.

Southern Champion ChampPak™ Carry Out Containers

Available white, kraft and black. Tuck to with locks, nested, SBS, polycoat inside.

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Solo® Unwaxed Double Wrapped Paper Bucket - 53 oz.

A great option for dry snack items.

Solo® White Double Poly Paper Food Containers

Designed to meet any service or storage need you may have, including freezing and refrigerating.

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Solo® White Single Sided Poly Paper Food Container - 8 oz.

Perfect for just about any occasion and can be used for either hot or cold foods.

Rock-Tenn Take Out Boxes

Available in various sizes and styles.

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