Plastic Clear Cups


Vintage® Clear Cup - 20 oz.

Make cocktails or beverages more attractive and presentable.

Fabri-Kal® Kal- Clear Old Fashioned - 9 oz.

Clean, clear look provides consumer appeal. Sturdy, strong and shatterproof. Slanted rib design provides a contemporary appearance. Made of APET and polystyrene.

Fabri-Kal® Nexclear™ Cups

Constructed from contact-clear and shatter-resistant polypropylene and feature rolled rims and leak-resistant lid fits.

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WNA Specialty Stemware

Margarita, Martini & Parfait Plus Glasses.

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Fabri-Kal® Cup Insert - 4 oz.

American made, crystal clear, 4 oz container made from PET. Designed to aid fresh food packaging applications. Ideal for use with multi-ingredient pairings. Pairings such as yogurt and granola parfaits. Also veggies with dip, green salads and much more.

Manufacturers Item #CI4

WNA Classicware® 5 oz. Champagne

Adds elegance and flair to every occasion.

Manufacturers Item #CWSC5

WNA Comet™ 12 oz. Pilsner/Parfait

Add elegance and flair to every occasion. 2 Piece.

Manufacturers Item #SW12

WNA Comet™ 5 oz. Wine

Add elegance and flair to every occasion. 2 Piece.

Manufacturers Item #SW5

Fabri-Kal® Greenware® Cold Drink Cups

Sturdy, crystal-clear cold drink cups made entirely from plants, not petroleum. Made from Ingeo™ biopolymer, a PLA resin derived from plants. Durable material; no flavor or odor transfer. Smooth rolled rims provide a safe, comfortable surface. Made in the U.S.A.

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Solo® Ultra Clear™ PETE Cups

Superb clarity and crack resistance for a high-end look and feel. Easily recyclable, they also feature excellent taste and odor integrity.

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Solo® Plastic Sampling Cup - 3.5 oz.

These small cups are ideal for samples and taste testing. They're available in a range of colors, with the option of adding a lid. Use lid: PL2-0090. Tube/Case Quantity: 100/2500.

Manufacturers Item #TK35

WNA Cometware™ Tumblers

These sturdy, sparkling clear tumblers are the quality substitute for permanent glassware.

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WNA Classic Crystal™

Elegant fluted design enhances liquors, wines and champagnes.

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