Foam Bowls & Dessert Dishes


Dart® Foam Bowls

Dart insulated foam bowls keep hot servings hot and delicious, and cold servings cold and refreshing. Designed with a rounded "spoonable" bottom means customers will enjoy every last bit of their favorite foods when they are served in Dart foam bowls.

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Dart® Concorde® Non-Laminated Foam Bowls

Our economical, non-laminated foam dinnerware is strong enough to handle a variety of applications. The superior insulation suits both hot and cold foods making this a perfect choice for casual dining environments. Skid-Resistant surface on base helps prevent sliding on tray or tables.

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Solo® Center Piece® Champagne Foam Bowl - 12 oz.

Topped with a single layer of laminate for cut-resistance. An excellent everyday choice for strength.

Dart® Quiet Classic® Foam Bowls

Laminated for extra strength and gloss. Lightweight yet strong enough to hold a full portion of food without bending. Superior insulation makes it perfect for serving both hot and cold foods.

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