Gift Boxes


Climax Great White 2 PC Giftware (Diagonal Lock) Boxes

Great White 2 Piece Lock End Giftware is a 100% recycled board that is coated with gloss ink and varnish that offers exceptional strength and stiffness. Diagonal lock.

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Climax Kraft Pinstripe Expressions 1 Piece Giftware Boxes

Kraft Pinstripe Expressions is our most "earth friendly" product. All Kraft Pinstripe Expressions use 100% post consumer recycled materials.

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Climax Great White Giftware 1 Piece Quick Lock Boxes

Great White gift boxes combine GREAT style, GREAT quality, and GREAT value. All of these products feature heavyweight recycled board of exceptional strength and stiffness and a glossy finish. All have white interiors.

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